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By Ira Rifkin

75 those that replaced the realm is a superb, provocative choice of brief biographies of reformers, students, martyrs and mystics – of many religions – who shook up spiritual notion and perform within the 20th century. the fast profiles make attention-grabbing analyzing – and, frequently, discovery – and the quotations and bibliographies following each one profile make this a fair extra necessary source. it is an admiring and instructive survey of influential non secular practitioners and pioneers. a party of the human spirit, perfect for either seekers and believers, the curious and the passionate, thinkers and doers, seventy five those that replaced the realm is an authoritative consultant to the main artistic religious principles and activities of the previous century – a problem for us at the present time.

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From this effort, Funk hopes to see emerge a new Christianity that is suited for a rationalist age and incorporates the latest scholarship. In addition to the Jesus Seminar, he founded Polebridge Press, which publishes seminar scholars’ works, and the Westar Institute, a research center in California. Funk hopes to see emerge a new Christianity that is suited for a rationalist age. HIS WORDS The plot early Christians invented for a divine redeemer figure is as archaic as the mythology in which it is framed.

P. Dutton, 1991. Views from the Real World: Early Talks in Moscow, Essentuki, Tiflis, Berlin, London, Paris, New York, and Chicago. New York: Penguin Arkana, 1984. Books about G. I. Gurdjieff Hartmann, Thomas, and Olga de Hartmann. Our Life with Mr. Gurdjieff. Rev. ed. London: Arkana, 1992. Hulme, Kathryn. Undiscovered Country: A Spiritual Adventure. Boston: Little, Brown, 1997. Moore, James. Gurdjieff: The Anatomy of a Myth. : Element Books, 1991. Ouspensky, P. D. In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching.

After biblical studies at Vanderbilt University, he taught at Texas Christian, Harvard, and Emory Universities. Funk became a leader in the Society of Biblical Literature, an organization of Bible scholars, but broke with it in 1980 over frustration with what he viewed as members’ inability to bridge the gap between academic inquiry and what was taught in most churches. He founded the Jesus Seminar in 1985. At its meetings Bible scholars use textual analysis and other scholarly methods to decide by vote issues such as the extent to which specific Bible passages represent Jesus’ actual words.

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