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By David L. Washburn

Fabric from the useless Sea Scrolls looks in lots of courses. whereas a lot of the corpus has now seemed within the Discoveries within the Judaean wilderness sequence, there are nonetheless fragments buried in vague journals and books that may be nearly most unlikely to discover. This booklet identifies all of the passages within the Qumran files that comprise biblical textual content, either within the biblical and non-biblical scrolls. It offers particular bibliographic details, in canonical order, for finding each one passage within the released scrolls and compares every one to the traditional Hebrew and Greek types of the Hebrew Bible, noting either similarities and transformations. it truly is designed to assist those that are looking to paintings with manuscripts and models to find the unique textual content of the Hebrew Bible. This paintings will attract scholars of Qumran, and either students and nonspecialists attracted to textual feedback of the Hebrew Bible. Paperback variation is out there from the Society of Biblical Literature (

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4QLev-Num* (4423) DJD 12:171 Of no textual value Num 30:s-9 (1 questionable word v. 5) 4QNumb (4027) DJD 12:248 Fragmentary; generally follows Num 30:7(? 9? ) 4QLev-Num' (4Q23) DJD 12:172 Of no textual value Num 30: 15-31:6 (I letter 30: IS; 1 letter30:17;31:1 NW 4QNumb(4Q27) DJD 12:25025 1 Fragmentary; follows MT except 2 unique readings. Num 3 1:2 1-25 (1 letter v. 22; 2 letters v. 25) 4QNumb(4Q27) DJD 12:251 Fragmentary; generally follows LXX. MT Num 3 1:30-38 4QNumb(4Q27) (w. 34,37 NR; 2 letters v.

DJD 12:179 The Catalog Reference Scdi L~e&~on Commcnfs Lev 1:13-15 4QExod-Lev' ( 4 4 17) DJD 12:143 9 letters total; of no textual value Lev 1: 17-2: 1 4Q~xod-Lev' ( 4 4 17) DJD 12:143 Extremely Fragmentary; 1 LXX reading and 1 unique. Lev 2:3-5 4QpapLXX Levb DJD 9,169 (4Q 120) Extremely Fragmentary; mostly fo~lowsLXX/MT Lev 23-8? 170 ( 4 4 120) Fragmentary; am for L X EKL (unique) ~ Lev 3:7 4QpapLXX Levb DJD 9:170 (44120) pua Lev 3:2-8 4QLev' (4Q26a) DJD 12:197198 Very Fragmentary; follows MT.

Exod 19:24-20:2 4QpaleoGenExod' (4Q 11) DJD 9:4 1 Very ftagmentary; identical to MT. ) l QExod (1Q2) DJD 1 :5I Fragmentary; of no textual value. 80-81 Fragmentary; textual value questionable. Exod20:12,16, 17 44158 DJD 5:3 Extremely fragmentary; identical to MT Exod 20: 18-19s (1 4QpaleoExodm (4422) word v. 18) DJD 9: 101 20: 19a is a Sam addition. Exod 20: 19-22 4Q 158 DJD 5:3 Fragmentary; follows MT Exod 20:21 4 4 175 DJD 5:57 Similar to Sam Exod 20:22-21: 1, 3,4,6, 10 4Q158 DID 5:3-4 Very Fragmentary; follows MT.

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