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By Nawal El Saadawi

This is the 1st quantity of the autobiography of Nawal El Saadawi, giving an emotionally shattering, yet splendidly lyrical, portrait of her early life in a distant Egyptian village -- the adolescence that produced the liberty fighter. She describes vividly the tradition of where and time into which she used to be born and likewise her intuitive -- and encouraging -- wish to go beyond the limitations compelled upon her as a result of her gender. From the very begin, escaping the take hold of of attainable marriage on the age of ten, we see how she moulded her personal inventive strength right into a weapon and the way using phrases turned an act of uprising opposed to injustice, major first to her occupation as a physician and eventually to her iconic prestige as a novelist and political activist.

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Bright red and dark purple bougainvillea and jasmine, with its small white flowers and delicate perfume, climbed over it. All through the garden lay beds of roses, red, yellow and white, and purple velvety pansies. At the edges grew tall sunflowers which opened  Meaning that, since all things come from God, we should thank Him even for any harm that may befall us, and not rebel against Him.  Meaning that the question itself bordered on a great sin since the answer should have been obvious. Thank God for Our Calamities 41 their petals to the touch of the morning sun, and followed it in the same way as the earth circled round the sun.

My hand would slip out of my father’s long fingers and I would run up to her. She would sweep me up in her arms, hold me to her breast, feed me. Her smell has never left my nostrils. It is as though it were the smell of my body. It belongs with the smell of fresh milk and hot bread and of steam rising from soup in the cold of winter. She lay sick in bed for two years, in the yellow brass bed with the four posts. The same bed in which she lay on her wedding night, and in which she gave birth to nine children: three boys and six girls.

District of Cairo near the religious institution of Al-Azhar. The Citadel itself is a fortress palace built on a hill by Salah Al‑Dine Al‑Ayoubi.  The higher institute for study of the Arabic language from which graduated the teachers greatly esteemed when the national movement for independence was ­g rowing.  Misr: Egypt, but here it meant Cairo.  A worm which lives in the intestinal or urinary tract vessels and causes bleeding, among other symptoms. Very common in Egypt at that time, especially among the rural population.

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