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By Eleanora Bilotta, Pietro Pantano

Chaos is taken into account as some of the most vital ideas in sleek technology. It initially seemed simply in computing device simulation (the recognized Lorenz equation of 1963), yet this replaced with the creation of Chua s oscillator (1986) -- an easy digital circuit having the ability to generate an enormous diversity of chaotic behaviors. With Chua s circuit, chaos turned a actual phenomenon, quite simply understood and represented in mathematical language. but, however, it's nonetheless tricky for the non-specialist to understand the total number of behaviors that the process can produce.

This e-book goals to bridge the distance. A gallery of approximately 900 chaotic attractors -- a few generated by means of Chua s actual circuit, the bulk via laptop simulation of the circuit and its generalizations -- are illustrated as 3D colour photos, time sequence and speedy Fourier rework algorithms. For researchers, additionally awarded is the knowledge essential to mirror the behaviors and photographs. ultimately, how the fractal richness should be plied to inventive results in producing song and engaging sounds is proven; a few examples are integrated within the DVD-ROM which comes with the e-book.

Contents: Chua s Oscillator and Its Generations; The actual Circuit; Dimensionless Equations; The Cubic functionality; Single-Scroll structures; Multiscrolls structures.

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