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By Thomas Bewick

Within the past due eighteenth century, the British took higher curiosity than ever sooner than in gazing and recording all features of the wildlife. tourists and colonists getting back from far-flung lands supplied wonderful debts of such unique creatures as elephants, baboons, and kangaroos. The engraver Thomas Bewick (1753–1828) harnessed this newfound curiosity by means of assembling the main accomplished illustrated advisor to nature of his day.A basic historical past of Quadrupeds, first released in 1790, showcases Bewick’s groundbreaking engraving ideas that allowed textual content and pictures to be released at the similar web page. From anteaters to zebras, armadillos to wolverines, this pleasant quantity positive aspects engravings of over 400 animals along descriptions in their features as scientifically understood on the time. Quadrupeds reaffirms Bewick’s position in heritage as an incomparable illustrator, one whose impression on typical historical past and publication printing nonetheless endures this day.   

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The Ass, like the Horse, was originally imported into America by the Spaniards, where it has run wild, and become extremely numerous. Ulloa informs us, that in the kingdom of Quito, they hunt them in the following manner:-A number of 20 HISTORY OF QUADRUPEDS. drive them into a narrow compass, where at full speed they throw a noose over them, and having secured them ,vith fetters, leave them till the chase is over, which frequently lasts for several days. A warm' climate is most favourable to the growth of this animal: the Ass produced in this country is.

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There have been instances of Cows giving upwards of thirty quarts of milk in one day. In such cases there is a necessity for milking them thrice. From the milk of some Cows, twelve or fourteen pounds of butter are made in a week. It has been advanced by some naturalists, as a general principle, that neither animals nor parts of animals, appear to be primarily intended for the use of man, but are only capable of a secondary application to his purposes: yet it must be allowed that, in many instances, what they term the secondary use, is so manifest and important, that it cannot, with propriety, be supposed to be excluded from the original design of the all-wise Creator: and it HISTORY OF QUADRUPEDS.

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