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By Thomas Oberlies

The 2 nice epics of (old) India, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, are written in a language, which differs from so-called classical Sanskrit in lots of info. either texts nonetheless are of a big significance in India and different international locations. due to this, a grammar describing the entire assorted features of epic Sanskrit has been neglected before. The Grammar of Epic Sanskrit will now shut this hole.

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Iilm. �­ aorist (.... 5) and (5) the 'confusion' of "ati- and "anti- in the f. oflhe pres. pan. 58d = 9Od. mrto jiiyuli miillul'al, C- } ibid. -), Mbh ibid. ' reja�, samiidadh)" b ( - ... - , +-0 The rollowing relative clause has m. /u cedalp [1] .. } ( 1 J pur6 ta/llifa bhul'l). The rem. 3, 1$ due to the altlaction to the rollowing I'Id>", (see LODERS, Phil. Ind p. 31 n. 2). 128(d) we even find (the nomen propn'um) l'ikun'Q�a� c-�-)! XLI - Introduction - (3) yuddhf! ' kllrma Ie priyam c.. ), Mbh 9,31 ,53f (4) rnii riijan v;cjkitsjtJuJ�1 t..

P. 372. 1)uEMc, as quoted byOBERUES (I995a: 129), proposes instead fhat the starting pamt may have been fpsu(ko)-, which likewise developed fO ·lIcchuA:Q-. • , • See LODERS, Phil. 44-47. Cf. 21. See LOOERS ( 1941). See OBERUES (1991). • See BURROW ( 1980/81 : 439-442). See LOOERS, Phil. Ind. p 179-183. See BERGER ( 1966). LlU - lntroduction - The vocabulary of the Epicsl is as variegated as its grammar. The main elemcnt are words inherited from Vedic Sanskrit, but there is an Indo­ European sediment of words not to be found in Vedi� (aliila- 'fire-brand', ki{/o- 'callous, scar" ';khmij 'to limp', ';Iarj 'to menace'l, ';"rtf) 'to feel ashamed,4.

8). lUff. 1l,58()'58 1 . ) p. 53 \1. 2. D. The Kauiika SiJlro ofAtilar\'Q V"da p. LVIII. AiGr. I § 270b rrm (and Nachtroge, p. ND (1902: 100 [: KI. Sdt p_ 137]). 1. 1 1 -(4) gen. pI. in -r�l(im ofr-stems (... 5, pitf7}ffm, 1'5 I 3,6. 1. 6m. 22 (5) coalescence of f. ;- and i- I II- and ii-sternsl (... 3 . 3): (nom. 6, {Xitl'lO}'2&, JB I 140, 11 63. 2. mahlinlimna}'r1&. 18 m 1 19, revatayo&. 1. (ace. 1, (instr. ) hrinfihhyam. 2 - (6) confusion of nom. and acc. pI. of the f. (a) i- and (b) {-stems, of _ (c) the ii-stems and (d) of the stem up- (...

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