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By Steven C. Weisenburger

Including a few 20 percentage to the unique content material, this can be a thoroughly up to date variation of Steven Weisenburger's critical advisor to Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow. Weisenburger takes the reader web page through web page, usually line by means of line, during the welter of historic references, clinical facts, cultural fragments, anthropological learn, jokes, and puns round which Pynchon wove his tale. Weisenburger totally annotates Pynchon's use of languages starting from Russian and Hebrew to such subdialects of English as Forties road speak, drug lingo, and armed forces slang in addition to the extra imprecise terminology of black magic, Rosicrucianism, and Pavlovian psychology.

The Companion additionally unearths the underlying association of Gravity's Rainbow--how the book's myriad references shape styles of that means and constitution that experience eluded either admirers and critics of the novel.

The Companion is keyed to the pages of the imperative American versions of Gravity's Rainbow: Viking/Penguin (1973), Bantam (1974), and the certain, repaginated Penguin paperback (2000) honoring the unconventional as one in every of twenty "Great Books of the 20 th Century."

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