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During this quantity, the 1st of a projected sequence at the Hebrew Bible, de Waard goals to offer translators larger perception into the point of view of the textual critic to aid them discover a solid base for translation. even though of basic curiosity for translators, scholars and students can also be happy to discover that de Waard summarizes the arguments and rankings of the Hebrew previous testomony textual content Project.

Because the ultimate record of the HOTTP used to be released in French and was once the paintings of textual critics instead of translation experts, its precious contribution was once came upon to have functional barriers. DeWaard's paintings can be priceless since it examines 3 significant Jewish models as well as the Christian models chosen via the venture for study.

Future volumes are deliberate to hide different parts of the Hebrew Bible/Old testomony.

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Evaluation of Problems There does not seem to be any particular problem of interpretation in the ˜rst half line. In the second half line, on the contrary, there are two main problems. e. 18 and vineyards, the fences of which are broken down. Herewith also the second problem is touched upon. ” Procksch (94– 95) has drawn the attention to the fact that 17 has a chiastic structure and that in this structure μyvib;k] and μyrIG: correspond with each other. ” This preferred interpretation of the preliminary report is no longer mentioned in the ˜nal one.

Proposals of Translation In the Preliminary Report both possibilities of translation are given, in the ˜nal report only the rendering “Sheol” is correctly retained for the text. This is in agreement with the practice of the quasi totality of modern translations. Compare TEV; “Ask the Lord your God to give you a sign. ” Although it gives the variant rendering in a footnote, it should not be followed. ” M is supported in this by 4Q-e. However, V seems to have vocalized the Hebrew consonants as follows: hd:y[ia;w: in order to obtain a ˜rst person singular of the past: “I took as witnesses” (et adhibui .

Since extermination through hunger was not the aim of the exile, any literalness should be avoided. ” If a possibility exists to express the negative associate meaning indicated by Ehrlich, it should be seized. ” The conjectural reading should be avoided. Only older translations have occasionally followed it. 17 Textual Decisions In this verse there are two important textual problems which, at the same time, are problems of interpretation. ” The only really deviating ancient version is G with its reading: “And they that were spoiled (oiJ dihrpasmevnoi = ?

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