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By John Sutherland

This little historical past takes on a truly massive topic: the wonderful span of literature from Greek fantasy to picture novels, from The Epic of Gilgamesh to Harry Potter. He introduces nice classics in his personal impossible to resist method, enlivening his choices with humour in addition to studying: Beowulf, Shakespeare, Don Quixote, the Romantics, Dickens, Moby Dick, The Waste Land, Woolf, 1984, and dozens of others.

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Onev, needlessly. 39 XXII Men are deceived in the recognition of what is obvious, like Homer who was wisest of all the Greeks. For he was deceived by boys killing lice, who said: what we see and catch we leave behind; what we neither see nor catch we carry away. ] ] XXV Pythagoras son of Mnesarchus pursued inquiry further than all other men and, choosing what he liked from these compositions, made a wisdom of his own: much learning, artful knavery. XXII In traditional versions of this story Homer, who is blind, dies of chagrin at not guessing the riddle.

5 ddXaooa Staxeerai Kai juerpeerca elc TOV OLVTOV Xoyov buoloq irpoo&ev r\v fj yeveodai yr\. XL XL (D. 90, M. 54) Plutarch, De E apud Delphous 388D-E 7Tl>p6c OLVTOLlXOlfii) TOL TiOiVTOL KOil TTVp aitOLVTGJV OKCOOTTep Kai XLI XLI (D. 76, M. ] ] XXXIX Here again I give the text of Clement, as corrected from Eusebius. Many editors introduce as subject of the first clause. XL The MS reading in Plutarch bLVTOLiiei^eroLi TXOLVTOL^ retained by Bywater and revived by Bollack-Wismann, may be correct: but it offers no appreciable difference in sense.

174 \&yovq rJKOVoa ouSeic bupiKveiTai e? TOVTO OTL ooipov eoTi, itavTOiv OKOOGJV COOT€ XXVIII XXVIII (D. 101, M. 15) Plutarch, Adversus Coloten 1118C XXIX XXIX (D. 116, M. 6T€OTL jLveboKeLP eoovToix; Kal oooypoveiv. XXVII I punctuate with Bollack-Wismann. ] ] XXVII Of all those whose accounts I have heard, none has gone so far as this: to recognize what is wise, set apart from all. XXVIII I went in search of myself. XXIX It belongs to all men to know themselves and to think well. XXVI From Philodemus: 'Rhetoric .

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