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A photographic paperback sequence designed to introduce the attention-grabbing global of animals and the way they advance. during this informative and hugely visible sequence, beautiful step by step images permits young ones to determine a butterfly emerge from its cocoon and unfold its wings, or see what occurs while an egg hatches and a chick emerges.

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The fundamental instructions of the structural evolution of the outer, heart and internal ears in representatives of a large ecological diversity of mammals (terrestrial, subterranean, aerial, semi-aquatic and aquatic varieties, together with marine mammals) were traced during this monograph for the 1st time. The large spectrum of the species studied and the applying of recent anatomical, optical and bio-mechanical equipment allowed the writer to explain formerly unknown structural gains of the peripheral a part of the auditory process in animals with a various specialization of listening to.

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Spend some time there. These lively animals are fascinating to watch. Gabbie, the red-crowned mangabey in this book, lives at the Los Angeles Zoo in California. Other zoos have red-crowned mangabeys too. You can see them at Binder Park in Michigan, the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois, the Denver Zoo in Colorado, the Houston Zoo in Texas, the Kansas City Zoo in Missouri, and the Philadelphia Zoo in Pennsylvania. 31 INDEX drinking milk, 5 For our grandsons, Orson Ridgely, Jesse Angelo, and Nathan Morris eating food, 6, 9, 18–19, 21 father, 4, 25 mother, 3, 6–7, 9–10, 13, 15, 17–18, 22–23 playing, 16–17, 23–24, 26–29 Text copyright © 2004 by Joan Hewett Photographs copyright © 2004 by Richard R.

International copyright secured. , except for brief quotations in an acknowledged review. A. com riding, 7, 9, 15 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data zookeepers, 8, 20–21 Hewett, Joan. A monkey baby grows up / by Joan Hewett ; photographs by Richard Hewett. p. cm. — (Baby animals) Summary: Describes the development of Gabbie, a monkey living in a zoo, from birth to age six months. eISBN: 1–57505–777–8 1. Monkeys—Infancy—Juvenile literature. [1. Monkeys. 2. Animals—Infancy. 3. ] I.

Still, red-crowned mangabeys spend most of their lives on the ground. If you were walking through a rain forest in Nigeria, you would probably hear red-crowned mangabeys before seeing them. Their whooping, barking, grunts, and chatter would lead you to them. These monkeys live in groups. A group of mangabeys moves through the rain forest in search of food and water. The monkeys call to each other to keep in touch. If one monkey spies a crouching leopard, its loud cries will alert the others. 30 The rain forests where the red-crowned mangabeys live are shrinking.

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