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Moran (3 vols, Dublin, 1874-84) Richard Stanihurst, 'A treatise containing a plain and perfect description of Ireland . . ] The statutes at large passed in the parliaments held in Ireland . . (1310-1761, 8 vols, Dublin, 1765; 1310-1800, 20 vols, Dublin, 1786-1801) Statute rolls of the parliament of Ireland, ist to the I2th years of the reign of King Edward IV, éd. H. F. Berry (Dublin, 1914) Statute rolls of the parliament of Ireland, I2th and ijth to the 2ist and 22nd years of the reign of King Edward IV, ed.

The Tudor conquest meant the reduction of the whole island, for the first time, to English authority. The independence of the great lordships, both Gaelic and Anglo-Irish, was finally destroyed, and the social structure of Gaelic and gaelicised Ireland undermined. But this political and military subjection of both the 'king's Irish enemies' and the 'king's English rebels' was not matched by confiscation of their land. There were extensive forfeitures of land between 1534 and 1603, but even so the Tudor conquest left the great bulk of Irish soil in the hands of catholic owners, that is, of Anglo-Irish and Gaelic Irish.

Soc. Phil. Trans. Reid, Presb. ch. in Ire. Richardson & Sayles, Ir. parí, in middle ages Scot. Hist. Rev. P. Hen. VIII Shirley, Ch. , 1547-57 Sidney letters xxxv Past and Present... (London, 1952) James Perrot, The chronicles of Ireland, 1584-1608, ed. , Dublin, 1933) The economic writings of Sir William Petty . . , ed. C. H. Hull (2 vols, Cambridge, 1899) The Petty papers: some unpublished writings of Sir William Petty, ed. marquis of Lansdowne (2 vols, London, 1927) William Petty, 'The political anatomy of Ireland [1672]' in Petty, Econ.

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