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V, / • (1) -I-din-SIPA (JliI. V, 845:3) > . 282:r18> liThe Shepherd haa given" Iddin-re'u t>__ (~XII, ~164:r19>~ 320 IgJllil-Erra "Erra has spared" , <1> 19-JIl1~el-1r-ra , ( <2> Ig-ai-11-Ir-ra ..... ,.. / V, 177:r22> "Their god ha1l triuaphed" v <1> 1h-bi-it-el-au-nu ... , 136:r16> _ "My god 1s well disposed. towards .... -i-11 "ThQ 1hnub-ilua (1) Ikun-i1ua em. V, ~Qd ia rad1ant" I~-nu-ub-DINGIR

NIN-G(AJL-re-~e-at ... (UET V. 533:r13> IINingizzida is my creator" Ningizzida-bani (1) dNIN-GIZ-ZI-OA-bCaJ-ni (UET V. 346:5i Ningizzida-gemil .... (1) (2'> (3) dNIN-Glz-2f-O~-ga-mil (UET V. ubur-~~ke ",Ningizzida is the one Who 's,pares" ' NIN-GI~-2I-OA-ga-mi-el • NIN-GIZ-ZI-~~-ga-mi-il (UET V. 707:r18) (yaS V. il . UBUR-OINGIR-ks (Ya! V, 465:r14) "Ninurte is the one who speres·· d . i-il (UET V, 705:2> /. " . or" ' (1) d. MU-DIM-MUD-be-ni (UET V, 709:2> ~. ur:-Abba • one"

334 v v Iaull-abi "lau. is my £ather" <1> dl-~ua-a-bi v v 110 laua, grace,1I Iaua-ennea d <1> v I-aua-en-naa em. V, 605:r21> v IIIau. is the one who spares II v IauJl-gaai1 d <1> v I-aua-ga-ai1 IIIlua is Illy grace" v ' (1) I-aua-ip(! >-q[il v "Iaua is the 1i£e-giver" v IaulR-aube11it Cdl (1) v v ' I-aua-au-ba-li-[iJt • v - IIIau. ia the hero II laua-qerrad d (1) V V A A IIIsua i. Sin" laua-Sin <1> d v l-aua- EN-ZU -v laur-Ee .

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