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content material: the answer concept modeling of gasoline adsorption on zeolites / Arthur W. Woltman and William H. Hartwig --
Mathematical modeling of adsorption in multicomponent platforms / Alexander P. Mathews and Walter J. Weber, Jr. --
examine of mix equilibria of methane and krypton on 5A zeolite / K.F. Loughlin and G.D. Roberts --
obvious floor diffusion results for carbon dioxide/air and carbon dioxide/nitrogen combos with pelleted zeolite beds / Richard T. Maurer --
impact of presorbed water at the sorption of nitrogen by way of zeolites at ambient temperatures / Donald Peterson --
Selective sorption houses of zeolites / R.M. Dessau --
4 crystal buildings of BaxNa₁₂₂x-A (1[less than or equivalent to] x [less than or equivalent to] 6) with regards to the instability of barium-exchanged zeolite A towards dehydration / Yang Kim, V. Subramanian, Roger L. Firor, and Karl Seff --
The impact of oxygen of photoluminescence and resonance strength move in copper (I) Y zeolite / D.H. Strome and ok. Klier --
practise of copper(II)-exchanged Y zeolites from sodium and ammonium Y zeolites / Richard G. Herman and John B. Bulko --
Lead and cadmium ion alternate of zeolite NaA / Elliot P. Hertzenberg and Howard S. Sherry --
Liquid section drying purposes of zeolites / George W. younger, Joseph R. Kiovsky, and Pramod B. Koradia --
Separation of n-paraffins from wax distillate with supercritical fluids and molecular sieves / Paul Barton and David F. Hajnik --
Polybed pressure-swing adsorption hydrogen processing / R.T. Cassidy --
Separation of hydrogen sulfide-hydrogen combos by means of heatless adsorption / M.D. Whitley and C.E. Hamrin, Jr. / a brand new method for adsorption separation of fuel streams --
George E. Keller, II and Russell L. Jones.

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E X P U C - J S T ^ ] } ( 2 ) where the S^* are constants representing the (T,V ) standard difference of entropy, and the E.. are energy constants for corresponding levels. The resulting isotherm i s 0 J m P/P . T - E.. (3) Cm 1 + Σ 1=1 P/P . ,T - E. ί ^ ) Σ expiiC ^ ^]} / o j=l 4 1 T T R T For a cavity which i s energetically homogeneous the isotherm reduces to m ± P/P i( Ι λ T7T^ m P/P . T - E. T - E. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1980. 3. LOUGHLIN AND ROBERTS CH k 57 & Kr Mixture Equilibria The index m, representing the maximum sorption i n the cavity, may be derived from considerations of the z e o l i t i c cavity volume and molar volume of the sorbate, as ι < ν/β.

Further sorption data for methane on 5A zeolite (10_ 13, ), and for krypton on 5A zeolite (10, 15) are also plotted for other temperatures, a l l of which appear to be consistent. These experimental data were used to derive the energy and entropy parameters i n equation h for the isotherm model of Schirmer et a l . by a minimization of a sum of squares optimization procedure. The resulting optimized parameters and for sorption of methane and krypton on 5A zeolite are shown i n Figure 5 and are presented i n Table 1.

0 I 0 ι 30 Mathematical Modeling I 60 I 90 Time I 120 I 150 I I 180 210 (min) Figure 8. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1980. 44 SYNTHETIC ZEOLITES ol 0 I 30 I 60 I 90 ι 120 I 150 I ι 160 210 Time (tnin) Figure 9. o I 0 I 30 I 60 I 90 ι 120 I 150 ι 180 I 210 Time (min) Figure 10. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1980. 2. MATHEWS AND WEBER Mathematical Modeling 45 negligible internal diffusion resistance, i s shown for the phenol-£-toluene mixture i n Figure 1 1 .

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