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By A. J. Bron, J. M. Tiffany (auth.), Jonathan H. Lass (eds.)

`Almost each point of corneal examine and clinics is mentioned in quite a few papers. This e-book can be recognized to everybody drawn to corneal clinics or research.'
Acta Ophthalmologica Scandinavica (1999)

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V. , Placebo controlled trial of fusidic acid gel and oxytetracycline for recurrent blepharitis and rosacea. Brit. J. Ophthalmol. 79:42 (1995). 14. 1. , Drug resistance and acanthamoeba keratitis: the quest for alternative anti-protozoal chemotherapy. Eye 8:555 (1994). 15. A. , Selective effects of pentamidine on cytosolic and granule-associated enzyme release from zymosan-activated human neutrophilic granulocytes. J. Pharm. Pharmacol. 46:394 (1994). 16. S. , Delayed-type hypersensitivity to Staphylococcusaureus in human subjects.

A. Tear bicarbonate in health and dry-eye disease. TheraTears™ vehicle bicarbonate concentration (32 mM/L) is displayed for comparison. Modified from Int. Ophthalmol. Clin. 1994; 34:27- 36. B. Effect of bicarb onate concentration of electrolyte-balanced solutions on conjunctival goblet cell density after 12 hours of exposure. Arrow indicates TheraTears™ electrolyte vehicle. A bicarbonate concentration of 32 mMiL is required for gobletcell maintenance. 16 In summary, TheraTears™ has two mechanisms of action, one directed at the disease process, and the other directed to fulfill tear film function.

Protein A) in a binary complex with MHC class II similarly to LCs. Macrophages can process particulate antigens including whole bacteria such as staphylococci, but can more effectively process soluble antigens viz. protein A, internalized in endocytic vesicles. The CD4 T helper cell (Th) is responsible for most DH reactions. The Thl subtype mediates DH, not given by the "2" subtype, based on an array of cytokines produced by T cell clones10,11 Thl produces IL-2 and interferon(lFN)-gamma, responsible in part for the induration response of the DH reaction.

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