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By Alfred W. Lawson

Первый том авиационной энциклопедии, издававшейся с марта 1910 г.

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Aircraft Vol. 1

Первый том авиационной энциклопедии, издававшейся с марта 1910 г.

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On August 2nd, on the outskirts of Oakland, he drove into the wind with his ship, turned, and came back with it to the starting point. Then rapidly in succession he produced one successful dirigible after the other. His crowning success was the recognition given the United States Government, when, in 1908, it purchased from him its first airship. The requirements seemed impossible to fulfill, which him by made his success all the greater. During the few years Baldwin had experimented constantly to produce a gas-holding material which would stand all kinds of weather and from which no gas could escape.

Rolls accomplished a fifteenmile continuous flight across country. Levsdown to the Neor Club, on the island of Sheppy,' in his Wright biplane Mr. -Count Lambert lular tail of the Voisin tvpe his intends to to his Bleriot fit Wright a celaero- plane. -Although the great Astra airship is now ready and could make the voyage from Paris to London at any moment, it has been decided to postpone her voyage until after the general election. Origmally it was intended that she should make it before Christmas.

The first Gordon-Bennett International Aviation Cup Race was to be held at Rheims to decide the aviation championship, and as the date fixed for the contest drew near there was much anxiety in America because of the fact that no American aviator was available, the Wright Brothers being too much occupied in their business and the expense being prohibitive for anyone else. It was then that Mr. Bishop came to the front and guaranteed the expenses of ilr. Curtiss and the transportation of his machine.

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