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Turning out to be up, Alexander Graham Bell was once fascinated by track, speech, and sounds. He labored demanding to invent issues that may not just aid people with impaired listening to, but in addition deliver humans jointly in new and exact methods. What he did not comprehend was once that his easy idea--to aid humans communicate--would switch the realm whilst he invented the phone.

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He was working with the transmitter. 42 A pile of tools, wires, and battery acid surrounded him. Suddenly, Aleck spilled some acid. The acid burned. Aleck cried out, “Mr. Watson, come here! ” He forgot that Watson was too far away to hear him. 43 To Aleck’s surprise, Watson came running upstairs. He burst into the room. “Mr. ” he said. ” Aleck forgot all about his burns. He and Watson spent the night talking on their machine. The talking machine was f inally a reality. ” Since his childhood, Alexander Graham Bell had studied speech and sound.

He had moved the part that was stuck, and a “twang” sound came over the wire. 39 40 Aleck and Watson tried sending the sound over and over again. It worked. Quickly, Aleck drew a picture. It showed his new design for the talking machine. Now he knew it was possible for voices to travel on wires. Aleck and Watson decided to spend all their time on the talking machine. Aleck stopped teaching for a while. The two men worked harder than ever. ” March 10, 1876 Aleck and Watson were hard at work. Watson was downstairs working on a receiver.

32 Aleck had good ideas about how to make things. But he was not so good at putting them together. He paid men at a machine shop. They would build the things he needed. Aleck thought Thomas Watson was the best mechanic in the shop. The two men decided to work together. 33 Aleck and Watson worked at night in the machine-shop attic. Some nights, they did not sleep. Mabel Hubbard joked about Aleck’s late nights working in the shop. One day she drew a picture of him with an owl’s head! Owls stayed awake at night, too.

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