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By Dwight Hill, Don Shugard, John Fishburn, Kurt Keutzer

This booklet describes a approach of VLSI format instruments known as IDA which stands for "Integrated layout Aides. " it isn't a main-line creation CAD surroundings, yet nor is it a paper device. relatively, IDA is an experimental setting that serves to check out CAD rules within the crucible of actual chip layout. Many positive factors were attempted in IDA through the years, a few effectively, a few no longer. This ebook will emphasize the previous, and try and describe the good points which have been invaluable and potent in development genuine chips. sooner than discussing the current kingdom of IDA, it can be precious to appreciate how the venture bought all started. even supposing Bell Labs has regularly had a wide and potent attempt in VLSI and CAD, researchers on the Murray Hill facility desired to examine the method of VLSI layout independently, emphasizing the belief of small group chip development. So, in 1979 they invited Carver Mead to provide his perspectives on MOS chip layout, entire with the now well-known "lambda" layout ideas and "tall, skinny designers. " To help this direction, Steve Johnson (better identified for YACC and the transportable C compiler) and Sally Browning invented the constraint­ dependent "i" language and wrote a compiler for it. A small selection of format instruments built swiftly round this compiler, together with layout rule checkers, editors and simulators.

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This approach should be contrasted with editors that have a "move transistor" command, a "move contact" command and so forth. Icon has only one "move chosen" command*. Furthermore, when an object has been moved (or copied), it remains in the chosen group (or the copy is now in the chosen group) and the mark is put on top of the cursor. This makes it easy to move an object repeatedly which is especially useful if the designer misses the • Actually, it has three. Move by the vector from the mark to cursor (the standard one) and move by the horizontal or vertical component of the vector.

For example, the user can have all the features associated with a net highlighted on the screen and placed in the chosen group for further manipulation. " Most of the mechanisms involve the cursor. For example, where a transistor, wire and contact overlap, the user may want all three objects or just one. g. "identify wire"). If several wires appear under the cursor, the editor selects one arbitrarily, and reissuing the command rotates among them. The user can also identify regions delimited by the cursor and the mark.

Ark Figure 3-1: Initial Icon Screen Display. Commands can be entered in three modes, via the keyboard (with mouse for positioning), via a pop-up mouse menu (with some keyboard entry) or from a batch file of keyboard command characters. The first is by far the most popular, the second has some advantages for inexperienced users. The batch file mode is mostly used with prepared scripts to perform modifications on a chip or to test and demonstrate the editor. Overall, the keyboard interaction mode is structured something like the "vi" text editor.

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