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By Leif Johan Eliasson

This publication seeks to rectify americans’ perspectives of its closest best friend, Europe--an formidable activity, yet one sorely missing within the literature. Many prejudices approximately Europe floor in headlines, whereas others stay latent, yet they're actual, pervasive and ingrained. via addressing the normal citizen in a simple to learn, jargon loose, real and non-ideological textual content, my wish is to start this technique of correcting americans’ usually outrageous, but broadly held and perpetuated ideals approximately Europe. If the dominant media shops truly suggested the evidence approximately Europe and America’s dating with its ecu allies, and if the typical American knew the significance of Europe to their very own, and our international, health, this publication will be pointless. despite the fact that, this isn't the case, making it important to handle the ordinary and pervasive distortions, misperceptions or even flat-out lies approximately Europe, eu regulations, societies, and other people. Myths and distortions could be at once destructive to our economic system, safety, and caliber of existence. electorate aid coverage projects, vote, make investments, store and trip. In all of those components Europe is our most crucial best friend, buying and selling associate, and resource of overseas funding. judgements taken in any of those components, if in accordance with myths and misperceptions, could have dire outcomes for the typical citizen. the present fiscal hindrance, household reform proposals,  and America’s expanding recognition of its relative decline--and elevated have to cooperate with others--makes a booklet explaining the reality approximately our closest best friend crucial.

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Two countries, Poland and Slovenia, were the only transatlantic countries to grow during the recession-induced spring of 2009. In Slovenia, low taxes and low debt helped; in the Polish case, low exposure to the credit problems, productive businesses, and confidence in a government more popular in 2010 than in 2007 kept the country very competitive. 9 Investments Europe provides roughly one-fifth of all foreign direct investments (FDI) in the United States. Even as Europeans and Americans increase investments in China, the United States remains the single largest market for Europeans.

One major reason is the benefits of democracy. 15 Notwithstanding impressive developments and export-led growth, the Chinese “miracle” is an inflated tale, with consistently unreliable figures floated by the state. 16 The local party rep, Misperceptions, Myths, Justifications 17 as well as the provincial, regional, and national department heads, all set growth rates such that, as one astute observer put it, “if the official says it is 7 percent so it is . . ”17 Compare this to democratic systems where multiple and overlapping government agencies, independent think tanks, research institutes, the media, and the public, collect data, inquire, probe, and hold elected officials accountable, all while competing for resources.

The roots of Social Democracy are found in a mix of Capitalism and Socialism originating in the late nineteenth-century writings of Eduard Bernstein. Bernstein rejected Marxism and supported freeing up trade and competition, while ensuring that workers also benefitted. These were the parties worn torn European populations entrusted with rebuilding their countries after World War II. Over the subsequent decades, continental and northern European welfare models, emphasizing social and economic equality, community interests, and a heavy state hand in industry, were implemented.

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