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Indeed Angola is one of the worldʼs 10 poorest countries and also happens to have one of the worldʼs highest infant mortality rates. 22% in Singapore, which is 100 times better. So how did it come to pass that this blessed land should be such a mess? It is a history of tragedy orchestrated, for the most part, by the white guys. The Portuguese were first to call the shots, starting in 1482, 10 years before Columbus. Soon the Christians arrived to convert the people of this land because the white man just knew that this would be good for them.

NATO, which was formed to counter the Soviet threat, is still there, bigger and better, even though the Soviet threat is long gone. NATO is no longer just dealing with threats near the North Atlantic, NATO is now offensively killing the citizens of Afghanistan. (see the Afghanistan chapter). America now has troops in more countries than ever before. Does anyone know why the American taxpayer should be paying for troops and/or spies in almost 200 countries? In other words in almost every country on earth!

Like the US, Canada is quite happy to spend much more killing the ʻbadʼ guys than making life better for the desperate people of Afghanistan. The Canadian military adventure therefore allows the Yanks to concentrate on their other military adventure, killing Iraqis. This Canadian ʻsupportʼ is basically a selfishness designed to curry favor with the US. It is disguised as help for Afghanistan but Canadians donʼt see pictures of Canadian carpenters, plumbers, medics and electricians building the infrastructure the people of Afghanistan need.

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