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By Anne L. Klinck

This assortment makes a speciality of a woman's standpoint in love poetry, and juxtaposes poems via ladies and poems approximately girls to elevate questions on how femininity is developed. even though so much medieval "woman's songs" are both nameless or male-authored lyrics in a well-liked variety, the time period can usefully be elevated to hide poetry composed by way of ladies, and poetry that's aristocratic or realized instead of well known. Poetry from historical Greece and Rome that resonates with the medieval poems can be incorporated the following. Readers will discover a variety of voices, frequently echoing comparable subject matters, as ladies have a good time or lament, compliment or condemn, plead or curse, communicate in jest or in earnest, to males and to one another, approximately love.

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Thus, although breaking off this collection around 1500 is rather artificial—there is an impressive body of Spanish woman’s song from the Renaissance and later, for example—this terminus ad quem is convenient, and corresponds to other major historical transitions. 48 I hope that readers will find, as they compare these selections with one another, interesting and fruitful similarities, in woman’s voice as protest, eloquence as woman’s weapon, and, especially, in superficial simplicity masking nuance, complexity—and sometimes subversion.

For by this time he’s tossing on the high sea, and there’s no mortal in sight on this empty, weed-strewn shore. Mocking me thus in my extremity, a savage fate denies even an ear to my laments. Great Jupiter, if only the ships of Cecrops’ race had never touched Cnossos’ shore. If only that traitor, with his dreadful wages for the untamed bull had never moored his ship’s cable in Crete, 34 ancient and medieval woman’s song 175 nec malus hic celans dulci crudelia forma consilia in nostris requiesset sedibus hospes!

T. Croally, Euripidean Polemic: The Trojan Women and the Function of Tragedy (1994). On Theocritus’s Epithalamion for Helen, see Maria Pantelia, “Theocritus at Sparta,” Hermes 123 (1995): 76–81. And on women and cult in Locri, Bonnie MacLachlan, “Love, War, and the Goddess in Fifth-Century Locri,” The Ancient World 26 (1995): 203–23—a possible background to the Locrian Song. 18 ancient and medieval woman’s song The Archaic Period Alcman 26—A Partheneion or Maidens’ Song Fragment of a choral poem to be sung and danced by young women at a religious festival.

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