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03 μτη 0 . 4« « Spurney et al. ( 1969a,b). Data supplied b y manufacturers. 93 atm at 1 atm). 0 h d d & d d e d d d Estimated. N A : N o t applicable. & b 50 3 SAMPLING A N D COLLECTION Glass fiber filters are available from several of the manufacturers associated with paper filters. These filters are available with v e r y high efficiencies and m a y be used at temperatures u p t o 500°C. A l t h o u g h they are useful for m a n y chemical and gravimetric analyses, t h e y are not preferred for those cases in which the aerosol is t o b e examined optically.

If there are other reactions being considered which involve N O , a rate term for each of these reactions will be added to the right-hand side of ( 2 . 1 4 ) , with a positive or negative sign according t o whether N O is formed or decomposed in the particular reaction being considered. In the rather special case in which I and I I are the only reactions involving N O being contemplated, if ( N O ) is constant with respect t o time, d ( N O ) / d i = Oand kf/kr = (N0 ) /(NO) (0 ) = # 2 2 2 2 e q This m a y also be recognized as an equilibrium constant expression.

The figure of merit β depends on particle size and density and the stream velocity through the filter. In view of the difficulties involved in defining filter performance, one should recognize the limitations of the filter used in each application. _ 1 Impactors, or impingers, collect aerosols b y the mechanism of impaction. The operation of a single-stage impactor is illustrated in Fig. 11. T h e air stream at a velocity V is directed at a flat plate a distince L from the orifice. T h e inertial forces tend to make the particle m o v e in a straight line, while the drag forces tend to accelerate the particle in the direction of fluid motion.

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