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By David S. Betts

Betts offers a concise advent to the experimental technicalities of low and ultralow temperature physics study. He has made vast use of diagrams as aids to knowing, and refers the reader to the pro literature once the extent of the textual content is excessive sufficient. subject matters lined contain all elements of low temperature know-how, starting with an advent to the thermodynamic ideas of refrigeration and thermometry. The textual content additionally covers the homes of fluid 3He/4He combos, and all of the technique of reaching low temperatures, together with dilution and Pomeranchuk refrigeration and adiabatic nuclear demagnetization.

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This is because the liquid has a good thermal conductivity which enables it to make use of the area as it flows through the channels of macroscopic size. 11 Alternative methods avoiding the need for exchangers It is possible to bypass the problem of helium-to-solid Kapitza resistance by arranging to exchange heat as directly as possible across an interface between the hot returning concentrated 3He and the cold rising dilute 3 He. 12. The principle of the 4He-circulating Leiden refrigerator. advantages of a simpler construction.

The 3He lost from the still by distillation is steadily replaced by the passage of 3He atoms across the phase interface in the mixing chamber and then upwards through the heat exchangers to the still. The pumped 3He is condensed on the high pressure side of the pump and passes down through the heat exchangers where it is cooled before arriving in the mixing chamber, completing a cycle. The lowest temperature for a particular refrigerator is reached when the heat extraction rate is just balanced by stray heat leaks and by any inefficiency in the heat exchangers.

8 shows some recent results. 07% (open circles show corrected data). 2% (filled circles show corrected data). 95%, almost pure. The corrections were for mean free path and surface scattering effects. This property is not easy to measure and is notorious for appearing to depend on frequency (for methods which employ oscillation) and on surface conditions. 8. Viscosity of mixtures. 1 Preamble In this chapter we shall describe the application of some of the ideas presented in Chapters 1 and 2 to the dilution refrigerator.

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