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This ebook describes the tools and tactics for box reviews of the inhabitants ecology of seals to be able to assemble simple medical info and to help in conservation efforts. The papers during this ebook make particular concepts for estimating inhabitants sizes, for learning their habit on land and at sea, and for immobilizing, taking pictures, marking, and, the place beneficial, humanely killing seals on the way to examine body structure, vitamin, bioenergetics, and make age determinations.

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If the overlap between sequential frames is increased it is possible to view the resulting photographs through a stereoscope. This is sometimes useful for identifying animals when the terrain is very broken. However, it substantially increases the amount of film which must be used and in many cases improving the resolution of the photographs is a better method for facilitating identification. If only a small aircraft is available, or if postural cues are important for identifying individuals or age classes, then oblique photography may be desirable.

J. , 58(11), 2156-8. H. 1906. Viaje a las Islas Orcades Australes. Republica Argentina, Annales del Ministerio de Agricultura, Section de Zootechnica, Bacteriologi, Veterinaria y Zoologia, III, 1-68, Buenos Aires. J. 1975. A second survey of seals in the King Haakon VII Sea, Antarctica. S. Afr. J. Antarct. , 5, 31-6. W. B. SINIFF AND J. HARWOOD Introduction This chapter provides a review of the methods which are currently available for estimating the size of Antarctic seal populations. Such estimates have a wide range of potential uses, ranging from the evaluation of the status of a species as part of a management or conservation plan, to the use of the species' abundance as an indicator of prey availability.

Such information is often useful for interpreting species' distributions and behaviour. However, it should be recognized that if observers are asked to record large quantities of information this will increase fatigue and will reduce the length of time that observers can operate at maximum efficiency. Data collection from a ship Counts should be made from a high platform. Generally, the ship's bridge is used, but higher positions should be considered if they can be made comfortable for work. If a strip transect survey is being conducted Erickson & Hanson (1990) recommend that all animals within 200 m on either side of the ship's track are recorded, as they come abeam of the ship.

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