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By Dr. Douglas M. Baker

This paintings is an holistic method of the cosmic beginning of humanity. the writer offers with the advanced subject of Globes, Rounds and Chains, and offers an outline of the early races of guy on the planet. truly illustrated with charts and diagrams.

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The Haitian Vodou Handbook: Protocols for Riding with the Lwa


"This hugely readable booklet could be priceless to each reader attracted to Haitian Vodou, and crucial if you happen to have the desire to make the transition from highbrow wisdom to private event of a profound and unfairly overlooked faith. "

—John Michael Greer, writer of the recent Encyclopedia of the Occult, an international filled with Gods, and The Druidry Handbook

The Haitian Vodou instruction manual explains easy methods to construct respectful relationships with the lwa, the spirits commemorated in Haitian Vodou, and the way to rework the terror that frequently surrounds the Vodou faith. till lately, the Haitian perform of Vodou used to be usually pointed out with satan worship, darkish curses, and superstition. a few observed the saint pictures and the Catholic affects and wrote Vodou off as a "Christian aberration. " Others have been appalled via the animal sacrifices and the truth that the houngans and mambos cost funds for his or her companies. those that sought Vodou simply because they believed it may well harness "evil" forces have been disenchanted while their efforts to achieve status, fortune, or unending romance failed and so deserted their "voodoo fetishes. " those that controlled to get the eye of the lwa, frequently got cosmic retaliation for treating the lwa as assault canines or genies, which merely additional cemented Vodou's stereotype as "dangerous. "

Kenaz Filan, an begin of the Societé l. a. Belle Venus, deals huge historical past details at the featured lwa, together with their mythology and ancestral lineage, in addition to particular directions on find out how to honor and engage fruitfully with those who make themselves obtainable. this recommendation might be in particular helpful for the solitary practitioner who doesn't have the non-public advice of a societé on hand. Filan emphasizes the significance of getting a quickened brain which may learn the lwa's wants intuitively on the way to steer clear of developing dogma-based relationships. This operating consultant to profitable interplay with the total Vodou pantheon additionally offers the position of Vodou in Haitian tradition and explores the symbiotic dating Vodou has maintained with Catholicism.

KENAZ FILAN (Houngan Coquille du Mer) was once initiated into Societé los angeles Belle Venus in long island urban in 2003 after ten years of solitary carrier to the lwa. Filan's articles on Vodou have seemed in newWitch, PanGaia, and Planet magazines and within the pagan group newspaper Widdershins.

The Occult World

This quantity offers scholars and students with a complete review of the attention-grabbing global of the occult. It explores the historical past of Western occultism, from historic and medieval assets through the Renaissance, correct as much as the 19th and 20th centuries and modern occultism. Written by way of a individual staff of participants, the essays think of key figures, ideals and practices in addition to pop culture.

The Ghost in the Coal Cellar: True Case Files from a Lone Investigator

A tender family's rocking chair strikes on its own, swaying from side to side less than the strength of a ghostly presence. An deserted schoolhouse, the positioning of a big hearth, teems with stressed spirits. Deep in a countrywide wooded area, phantom lighting fixtures chase the terrified occupants of a vehicle. those chilling stories and extra wait for you inside those pages.

Anthropogeny: The Esoteric History of Man's Origin

This paintings is an holistic method of the cosmic beginning of humanity. the writer offers with the advanced topic of Globes, Rounds and Chains, and gives an outline of the early races of guy in the world. truly illustrated with charts and diagrams.

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That is the Piltdown find. According to information generally believed before June 30, 1954, during the year 1908 workmen removing road material from a gravel pit in Piltdown Common, Sussex, found a skull. Believing it, as they later declared, to have been a fossil coconut, they smashed it with their shovels. One of the pieces was given to Charles Dawson, a lawyer, who searched the site, with the help of companions, on and off until 1912. During the search, they found the right half of a lower jaw, and an upper canine tooth, of ape-like form.

In one of his first experiments, Kammerer altered the method of propagation of two species of salamanders by transposing their normal environments. He first of all selected black Salamandra atra, which normally inhabit the Alps and give birth to two large and fully formed salamanders. The larval stage in this species takes place in the uterus. These black salamanders he placed in an artificially prepared hot and moist lowland climate. Secondly, he selected spotted Salamandra maculosa, which normally inhabit lowlands and give birth to ten to fifty small larvae, which are deposited in the water.

Even then, it might still be beyond orthodox investigators to conceive that there is an etheric matrix which is part of a greater planetary and even solar mechanism whereby changes in the development, qualities and purposes of the evolution of a planet or solar system might be reflected in the most primitive organisms through their etheric bodies and under the impulses and stimulations of what we now call seasons, cycles and rhythms. Equally abstruse might seem to them the concepts of there being divine or cosmic archetypes in etheric matter constantly moulding the development of mankind as a whole through mankind's etheric body or that of a race, a sub-race, a tribe, a clan, a family and an individual.

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