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By William B. Griffen

Apaches at struggle and Peace is the tale of the Chiricahua Apaches at the northern frontier of latest Spain from 1750 to 1858, specially these in the zone of the Janos presidio in northwestern Chihuahua. utilizing formerly untapped files in Spain, Mexico, and the us, William Griffen relates how Apache raids and different hostilities have been the norm till Bernardo do Galvez, viceroy of latest Spain, inspired the Apaches to settle close to presidios. via 1790 a few Apaches have been in place of abode at Janos, and intermittent classes of peace and clash ensued till Mexican independence introduced extra radical adjustments in Indian coverage (such because the nation of Sonora’s provide of bounties for Indian scalps). Griffen explores problems with altering Indian coverage, Indian-Mexican family, and the access of the U.S. onto the scene after its invasion of Mexico.

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And it was in New Mexico, the main Page 2 Apache Tribes and Comanches Page 3 Western and Southern Apache Tribes Page 4 theater for Apache-Spanish contact in the early years, that Apaches first began their long history of raiding and trading with more sedentary peoples. In the 1600s Apaches raided settlements of Pueblo Indians and Spaniards alike. Violence between Apaches and Spaniards and Pueblos increased during the ensuing years, not only because of mutual acts of retaliation between Apaches and Spaniards who used Pueblo Indian auxiliary troops, but also because Spaniards insisted on enslaving Apaches, together with other Native Americans, often on expeditions avowedly punitive.

P. cm. Originally published:Albuquerque : University of New Mexico, c1988. Includes bibliographical references and index.  Apache IndiansWars.  Apache IndiansHistory.  Indians of North AmericaNew MexicoWars.  Indians of North America New MexicoHistory.  Indians of MexicoMexicoChihuahua (State)Wars.  Indians of MexicoMexicoChihuahua (State) History. Title. 16004972dC21 98-17265 CIP The paper in this book meets the guidelines for permanence and durability of the Committee on Production Guidelines for Book Longevity of the Council on Library Resources, Inc.

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