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It will be assumed that the coefficients c, etc. are zero. The values of I::. 1 kJo at 650 K. Cp is independent of temperature. Cp is usually obtained from published molar heat capacity data at 298 K. H"'"at 650 K. 10 Applications of thermochemical measurements Thermochemical investigations have played an important role in the study of chemical bonding and of intermolecular forces. U for the vaporisation of water, for example, is about 38 kJ mol-1 and this is clearly a measure of the strength of the intermolecular attractions in liquid water that must be overcome when the molecules separate on vaporisation.

2 J K- 1 mol- 1 respectively. 5 kJ. 50 m 3 s- 1 results in a nitric oxide output of the same amount. 0 mol s- 1 . 38 MJ s- 1 . 8 mol of nitrogen enter the heat exchanger each second. 2 J K- 1 mol- 1 are the constant-pressure molar heat capacities of oxygen, nitrogen and ammonia respectively. 4 MJ for one second of flow. 0 MJ s- 1 must be supplied from an outside source of heat. One obvious application for thermochemistry is in the examination of combustion reactions relevant to fuels usage. 1 are the data used in these fuels examples.

1. 12 is more difficult since the equation is cubic; graphical solutions are usually suitable in calculations of this type. 50 MN m- 2 and at a temperature of 298 K. 38 x I0- 5 m3 mol- 1 respectively. 1 and this indicates the range of V values over which the graph should be plotted. 0802 m3 ; this last quantity is the volume required. 3 Other equations of state More accurate calculations require correspondingly more accurate, and necessarily more cumbersome, equations of state. 14) {3, 'Y and o can be calculated from published constants for the gas and the temperature.

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