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By Patricia J. Armati, Chris R. Dickman, Ian D. Hume

The final two decades have noticeable many intriguing discoveries resulting in major advancements in our realizing of marsupial biology. Marsupials are rising as version organisms in reports of lifestyles background evolution, growing older and senescence, intercourse choice and the advance and regeneration of the worried method. This quantity offers a synthesis of contemporary advancements in marsupial biology, bringing jointly wisdom at the moment scattered througout the first literature.

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Would not individuals carrying such an inefficient genome be exterminated by natural selection? Unless this ‘junk’ has functions we have not yet guessed, its presence in the genome makes no sense at all except in an evolutionary context – leftovers of past rearrangements which have not yet been lost or found a new function. There are many DNA sequences that we can consider junk, at least in the sense that they do not contain genes which specify protein products. There are even non-coding sequences called introns which actually interrupt the protein- Genes and genomes 31 Fig.

True, classic genetics, a` la Mendel, has been difficult in marsupials. A few coat colour variants were suspected to be genetic, but there was little in the way of pedigree data to confirm this. In contrast, our early knowledge of the genetics of eutherian mammals came from humans and their domestic animals, where it was much easier to obtain information on both the variants and the pedigrees. Human families complain about oddities such as funny-coloured urine, whereas if marsupials notice such things, they do not tell us about it.

1989). 2). This cloned DNA can be employed as probes to screen marsupial DNA libraries for the homologues of the eutherian loci. The problem we often have, however, is that the DNA sequences of some loci have diverged so greatly between marsupials and human or mouse, that the two sequences hardly recognise each other. The weak hybridisation of eutherian probes to marsupial sequences makes for weak signals when screening libraries. Another problem is that many loci belong to families of loci with very similar sequences, and it is only too easy to clone a related member rather than the one you really want.

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