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By Alexei Okladnikov

Contemporary archaeological unearths close to the Amur River have exposed a truly old tradition that relates on to the present-day peoples dwelling within the similar common quarter of Siberia.... There can rarely be one other position on this planet the place an historic paintings is so heavily interwoven with modern existence. lots of the archaeological and ethnographic items proven during this publication belong to 2 classes -- the Neolithic and the 19th and 20th centuries.

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MIHPP, Inv. representations of the animal. Nanai, 19th-early 20th century. C. Sikachi-Alian, Khabarovsk district, Khabarovsk territory. Tiger and rider (sevon). Wood. 5. Black painted stripes represent the tiger's skin. Nanai, 20th century. Kondon, Solnechny district, Khabarovsk territory. FEAE, 1967 (collected by V. Timokhin). MIHPP, Inv. No. 295. 33 34 35 . / I v'- i 36 37 38 39, 40- % >v\V\ v V *# \^ ,; * - v . -«*»w«**(rr . wJWL" H SSZEF ** V * L~. rv :>V» *m 'V**\u>. • ^*a%. V V . ^.

No. MMH0-398. 25 31 24 Anthropomorphous amulet (sevon, incarnation of a spirit). Bronze. Height 6. Nanai, 19th century. Malyshevo (school museum), Khabarovsk Anthropomorphous district, Khabarovsk figure. Incised on the edge of a basalt rock. Height 54. Analogous in style and shape to images Figure of a sevon (detail). Wood. Total height 110; height of the detail 44. of the hunting sevon, Girki-Ayami, The structure of wood is to show the eyes. Olcha, described by ethnographers. C. Sikachi-Alian, Khabarovsk district, Khabarovsk territory.

C. Suchu island Statuette of a on Amur River, Ulchsky district, Khabarovsk territory. NACAE, 1973. MIHPP, Inv. No. C-73/Pn-8764. 27 Half-length figure of a woman (Kondon "Nefertiti"). Light yellow clay. Height 12. Note realistic details of the face and plasticity of modelling. Torso schematic, arms absent. C. Kondon, Solnechny district, Khabarovsk territory. FEAE, 1963. MIHPP, Inv. No. Kn-63/48090. 28 Sevons. On two Wood. Height 97, 34, 59. the breast of the right-hand figure, small anthropomorphous idols.

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