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Racers know how to stay safe. They wear helmets and safety goggles. They also wear special racing suits, gloves, boots, and chest protectors. Safety is just as important for people riding ATVs for fun. Smart riders know that proper gear and a little bit of care can keep their hobby safe and fun. indd 28 8/13/14 2:08 PM FAST FACT Not all ATV competitions involve racing. Freestyle riders are judged on tricks they perform. A snowmobile rider and an ATV rider perform tricks together at a Nitro Circus show.

A body panel that covers part of a vehicle, such as a wheel, to protect it from collisions. A type of race held on dirt courses with lots of turns and jumps. The system of shock absorbers and springs that connects an ATV’s chassis to its wheels. The shape of natural land. A series of bumps and grooves that helps a tire grip a surface such as dirt or mud. Built for doing work. stroke A movement of an engine’s cylinders to burn fuel. ATV engines can run on a series of two strokes or a series of four strokes.

ATVs. Minneapolis: Bellwether Media, 2008. Kosara, Tori. Amazing Motorcycles; Awesome ATVs. New York: Scholastic, 2013. com. These links are routinely monitored and updated to provide the most current information available. indd 31 8/13/14 2:08 PM INDEX A mphibious all-terrain vehicles, P olice, 24 8 ATV Motocross (ATVMX), 4–7, 26, 27 S afety, 11, 28 D esign, 15–21 sand, 6, 11, 15, 19, 22 snow, 22, 24 sport ATVs, 12, 19 Suzuki, 11 swamps, 8, 17 E ngines, 16, 19 T hree-wheel ATVs, 8, 11 C ross-country races, 6 F reestyle, 29 H istory, 8–12 tires, 7, 8, 11, 19, 20–21 U S Army, 12 Honda, 8, 11 utility ATVs, 12, 13, 19 utility task vehicle (UTV), 25 I ce, 22 W ienen, Chad, 26 N itro Circus, 29 ABOUT THE AUTHOR Matt Scheff is a freelance author and lifelong motor sports fan living in Minnesota.

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