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By Josef Settele

This is often the 1st ebook of its type to explain and summarise in a complete, effortless to learn and richly illustrated shape the main pressures, affects and dangers of biodiversity loss at a world point. It identifies the most hazards as international weather and land use swap, environmental pollutants, lack of pollinators and organic invasions. It additionally analyzes the affects and results of biodiversity loss, with a robust concentrate on socio-economic drivers and their results on society.

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Concerning anthropogenic drivers, the most revealing is negative correlation of population density and the use of fertilizers with geographical longitude of the country, and also their positive correlation to the length of vegetation period. These are quite clear results because of the high intensity of land use in western-Europe and particularly in regions of milder climatic conditions and higher population density. 067 longitudinal position of a country. The negative correlation between the proportion of forest areas and agricultural land was expected, as was the increase of forest land towards northern countries (although the last is not statistically significant).

Science 287: 1770-1774. SANDERSON EW, JAITEH M, LEVY MA, REDFORD KH, WANNEBO AV, WOOLMER G (2002) The human footprint and the last of the wild. BioScience 52: 891-904. TILMAN D, FARGIONE J, WOLFF B, D’ANTONIO C, DOBSON A, HOWARTH R, SCHNIDLER D, SCHLEISINGER W H, SIMBERLOFF, D, SWACKHAMER, D (2001) Forecasting agriculturally driven global environmental change. Science 292: 281-284. Forest area (%) 9-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-70 Figure 2. Maps of various drivers and species richness of taxonomic groups in Europe.

Org) of GBIF is an example of this type of interface, used to transform information from different sources into a common exchange format so that the data can be provided in an integrated way to potential users. org/activities/darwincore), Veg-X (an exchange standard for plot-based vegetation databases; http://wiki. org for details) are currently being developed and implemented by several international working groups and organisations. org) and others. Two issues are closely linked to this kind of approach: costs of creation and maintenance of data aggregators and intellectual property rights.

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