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By Van C Mow, Rik Huiskes

Thoroughly revised and up to date, the 3rd version of this vintage textual content displays the most recent advances in study on orthopaedic biomechanics and the profitable functions of biomechanical rules in fracture fixation, prosthetic implant layout, and hip and knee arthroplasty. For this 3rd version, Dr. Mow is joined by way of new co-editor Rik Huiskes, PhD, an Editor-in-Chief of the magazine of Biomechanics and an across the world popular authority within the box. New chapters disguise biomaterials, biomechanical rules of cartilage and bone tissue engineering, and biomechanics of fracture fixation and fracture therapeutic.

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Hence, it is likely that an optimal pattern is being used to generate the motion. It is currently unknown what optimization criterion is being used in the body, but generally it is assumed that energy consumption is one of the factors. In statically indeterminate problems the number of unknowns is greater than the number of equations. If the force due to m. brachioradialis given in Example 2 above were not known (taken to be zero in this model) then the problem would be statically indeterminate, as there would be more unknown forces than equations available.

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43 44 FIGURE 2-7. Analysis of the shoulder joint from Example 1. â • Write the three equations of static equilibrium, and hence • Calculate the deltoid muscle force and the joint reaction force. • How much is the magnitude of the joint reaction force reduced if the weight is dropped but the arm still remains at 90 degrees abduction? Solution: Use symbols to denote the length and force quantities, and use the SI units of kg, N, and m as follows: • FGH = glenohumeral joint reaction force • α = angle between; FGH; and the arm • FD = deltoid muscle force • β = angle of; FD; and the arm.

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