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By Fenton, Melville Brockett; Simmons, Nancy B

There are greater than 1,300 species of bats - or virtually 1 / 4 of the world's mammal species. yet ahead of you lessen in worry from those bushy "creatures of the night," think of the bat's basic function in our surroundings. A unmarried ten-gram bat might consume a number of thousand bugs in an evening. in the course of the tropics and subtropics, fruit and nectar-feeding bats also are an important to the lives of vegetation, offering both Read more...


There are greater than 1,300 species of bats - or virtually 1 / 4 of the world's mammal species. yet earlier than you cut back in worry from those bushy "creatures of the night," ponder the bat's fundamental Read more...

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What would the common ancestor of such diverse animals as bats, cats, cows and whales have looked like? It is hard to say, but most likely this common ancestor was a small insectivorous mammal of some sort. , cats and cows and whales, are all highly-derived animals specialized for very different lifestyles that do not include flight. The closest relatives of bats may actually be laurasiatheres whose lineages have gone extinct. To find out, researchers need to unearth fossils even closer to the origin of bats than Onychonycteris.

During the first twenty million years of bat evolution, parts of Antarctica probably had a much more hospitable climate than today. In Scandinavia, bats occur well north of the Arctic Circle (60° N), surviving and perhaps thriving under the midnight sun. Areas north of the treeline may provide few roost opportunities for bats, perhaps explaining the lack of bats in treeless tundras. 13. Removing a Little Brown Myotis from a mist net. The fine mesh is obvious against the hand and white wall background.

It is large and well developed in False Vampire Bats, Sheath-tailed Bats (Emballonuridae), Mousetailed Bats and Vesper Bats. The tragi are small in Slit-faced Bats (Nycteridae) and Free-tailed Bats (Molossidae). Other parts of the ear may serve the function of the tragus in echolocation. ) Chapter 1: It’s a Bat! 31 The Diversity of Bats Most areas of the world support many species of bats, each of which has a slightly different anatomy and lifestyle. Most bat species occur in tropical and subtropical regions, meaning that countries closer to the equator tend to have more species of bats than countries in northern (or southern) temperate regions.

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