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By Malcolm Yorke

This point three e-book is ideal for kids who can learn by myself. Do those monsters relatively exist? learn those striking precise tales -- then come to a decision for your self! The 48-page point three books, designed for kids who can learn on their lonesome, comprise extra advanced sentence constitution and extra element. younger readers will consume those kid-friendly titles, which disguise high-interest issues resembling sharks, and the Bermuda Triangle, in addition to classics like Aladdin. info bins spotlight old references, minutiae, pronunciation, and different evidence approximately phrases and names pointed out. Averaging 2,400 to 2,800 phrases, those books supply a 50/50 picture-to-text ratio. The Dorling Kindersley Readers mix an attractive visible format with high-interest, easy-to-read tales to captivate and pleasure younger bookworms who're simply getting begun. Written by means of top kid's authors and compiled in session with literacy specialists, those enticing books construct reader self belief besides a lifelong appreciation for nonfiction, vintage tales, and biographies. there's a DK Reader to curiosity each baby at each point, from preschool to grade four.

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47 Paperback level 3 228 x 150mm UK Glossary 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 abominable snowman Another name for the yeti (see yeti). bigfoot A big, hairy creature like an ape, that some people believe lives in north-west American forests. Cryptocleidus A kind of plesiosaur that lived in the sea around Scotland 70 million years ago. glacier A huge mountain of ice that moves very slowly. Himalayas The highest group of mountains in the world, in Nepal, India, and Tibet. kelpie A water monster that some people believe lives in Scottish rivers and lakes.

They had a movie camera, and wanted to take the first good photographs of the creature. But the forests of north-west America are huge – where could they look? They listened carefully to the bigfoot stories, and asked some questions. Then they knew where to go. One day, Roger and his friend were riding along on their horses near a small river. They went round a corner – and suddenly they saw a bigfoot standing near the water! These four photographs are from the film that Roger Patterson took in 1967.

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