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The Venerable Bede—theologian, historian, and clinical cosmologist—played an indisputable function in laying the rules of the fashionable global. From his quantitative method of questions of technological know-how to his advent of the Anno Domini process of relationship and his severe equipment of biblical research, Bede either expected and encouraged our glossy methods of considering. Bede: On Genesis is the 1st English-language translation of Bede’s Latin remark at the e-book of Genesis—the beginning chapters of which he considered as the foundational narrative of the area and during which he derived the theoretical foundation for his clinical treaties and his proposal of the English because the selected humans of God. followed via an informative creation that makes Bede’s observation available to a person with an curiosity in his paintings, this quantity is a vital contribution to ecclesiastical background.

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1671-73 (below, p. 320). 107 In Gen. 1746-47 (below, p. 322). 108 In Gen. 832-34 (below, p. 165). 109 Jones was the first to call attention to this. See ‘Bede’s Commentary on Genesis’, pp. 130–31 and 194. For a comprehensive and penetrating study of anti-Semitism in Anglo-Saxon England, see Scheil, The Footsteps of Israel. Scheil considers Bede’s anti-Semitism at length in the Introduction and chs. 1–2. See also Thacker, ‘Bede and the Ordering of Understanding’, pp. 55–57. 110 It is doubtful whether Bede ever physically encountered a Jew.

149 The lower heaven extends from the ethereal realm of the narrate the glory of God, and the firmament declares the work of his hands. / Day utters speech to day, and night shows knowledge to night. / There are no speeches nor languages, where their voices are not heard’ (Ps. 18:2-4 [Ps. 19:1-3]). Nature speaks to mankind. 146 According to Wallis (‘Reframing Bede’s “Science”’, pp. 68–69), ‘Bede’s “science” is both uncertain in its boundaries and unclear in its definition’, but, she concludes, the term ‘science’ may be used ‘to designate Bede’s ideas about the material creation and his response to its intellectual challenges’.

559. 80 In Gen. 968-69 (below, p. 246). 81 In Gen. 1011-19 (below, p. 247). 82 See Wormald, ‘Bede and Benedict Biscop’, p. 152. 83 In Gen. 1796-97 (below, p. 194). 84 In Gen. 1348-50 (below, p. 310). 85 Mayr-Harting, ‘Bede, Rule of St Benedict, and Social Class’, p. 14 (BHW, p. 420). 86 In Gen. 1363-70 (below, pp. 181–82). 88 The very first city, the city founded by Cain (Gen. 89 Yet, ‘the elect, after they walk with the Lord in this life, humbly following his commandments, are borne by him into the life of perpetual repose, and do not appear again among mortals, because they are living immortally with him.

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