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It truly is scholarly in its procedure. in spite of the fact that, the conclusions are only that the Bible includes ambiguities and that a few ambiguities are extra ambiguous than others. Ambiguity may possibly functionality as a Bible code, yet God will let us know while the scrolls should be undone.

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But it is also determined that statements, regardless of authorial intent, do usually enable us to say what something is not, as Solan points out. I accept this principle, but I would caution that the overwhelming majority of such intentless contexts provide us with little other than trite kinds of information and knowledge. My thanks to Professor Solan for sharing his work with me prior to its publication. 21 Albeit, one not without complications. The statement is true in one context but false in another context.

1 Sam 26:19; Josh 24:15; Ps 24 chapter two words that would instantaneously align the expressions with a particular culture (for example, specific divine names or names of rulers). This exercise has two goals. The first is to make clear for those who are not specialist in ancient Near Eastern literature just how close the expressions from different cultures really are. The second concerns the question of Israelite distinctiveness more broadly. 2 a) Your greatness goes out to the nation, your praise being uttered.

For in its choice of central metaphor a culture or cultural period necessarily reveals more clearly than anywhere else what it considers essential in the numinous experience and wants to recapture and transmit, the primary meaning on which it builds, which underlies and determines the total character of its response, the total character of its religion. (3-4; my emphasis) Jacobsen presents the development of this mode of religious expression as having blossomed in stages rather than all at once.

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