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The war also resulted in a cutoff of greatly needed military assistance from the United States, whereupon Ayub turned to China and the Soviet Union for help. Toward the end of his tenure in office, Ayub’s regime had proved unable to address deep-seated social and infrastructural problems, and his popularity plummeted. His biggest problem became East Pakistan, separated by 1,000 miles from West Pakistan and caught up in the throes of an independence movement. A leading Pakistani military figure, MUJIBUR RAHMAN, began demanding greater autonomy to forestall a secessionist movement.

An antiforeign nationalist, Nasser was in complete sympathy with Sudanese aspirations and downplayed unification of the Nile region. Azhari also accelerated his political and nationalistic ambitions by founding the National Unionist Party (NUP) to seek independence from Great Britain at the earliest possible opportunity. National elections were held in 1953 and the NUP handily won, making Azhari Sudan’s first prime minister. With Sudanese independence virtually assured, Azhari made the most monumental political decision of his career.

O’Balance, Edgar. Sudan, Civil War, and Terrorism, 1956–1999. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2000. Spaulding, Jay, and Stephanie Beswick, eds. White Nile, Black Blood: War, Leadership and Ethnicity from Khartoum to Kampala. : Red Sea Press, 2000. Azikiwe, Nnamdi (1904–1996) president of Nigeria Nnamdi Azikiwe was born in Zungeru, northern Nigeria, on November 16, 1904, to parents of Ibo descent. Ibos are one of Nigeria’s three major ethnic groups, the others being Yoruba and Hausa. Azikiwe was educated at missionary schools and briefly worked as a clerk before traveling to the United States in 1925.

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