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20 A. Kreitschitz Due to the presence of slime, diaspores easily adhere to the ground, which helps in germination. g. for Anastatica hierochuntica it takes 5 hours in natural desert conditions and for Blepharis spp. it takes even less time, only 1–3 hours (Gutterman 2000). Additionally, the slime envelope decreases wilting of older seedlings and increases the probability of their endurance throughout the drought period by enhancing water diffusion to the plant via expanded surface contact with the soil.

1973) Mucilaginous seed coats. Weed Sci. 21(1):2–54. , Gutterman, Y. and Boeken, B. (1997) The germination of mucilaginous seeds of Plantago coronopus, Reboundia pinnata, and Carrichtera annua on cyanobacterial soil crust from the Negev Desert. Plant Soil 190: 247–252. ˙ Zukowski, W. (1971) Artemisia L. In: B. Pawłowski, A. ) Flora Polska, Ro´sliny Naczyniowe Polski i Ziem O´sciennych, Tom XII, Warszawa-Krak´ow: PWN, pp. 288–304. 1 Introduction During evolution insects have developed an impressive set of mechanisms to defend themselves against natural enemies.

In the laboratory, bioassays with several types of predators showed that easy bleeding seems to be primarily directed towards insects with mandibles and less towards bugs (which attack by piercing) and vertebrates such as birds (Heads and Lawton 1985; Schaffner et al. 1994; Boev´e and Schaffner 2003; Vlieger et al. 2004; Boev´e and M¨uller 2005). Hemolymph extracts were tested on the ant M. rubra and the hemolymph of all easy bleeders tested so far proved to be moderately to strongly deterrent (Boev´e and Schaffner 2003).

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