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By Esther Black Elk DeSersa, Aaron DeSersa Jr., Clifton DeSersa, Olivia Black Elk Pourier, Lori Holm Utecht, Hilda Martinsen Neihardt, Charles Trimble

The tale and teachings of Nicholas Black Elk (1863–1950), first recorded through John G. Neihardt in Black Elk Speaks, have performed a serious position in shaping the way local american citizens and others view the prior, current, and way forward for Native America. those conversations with the descendents of Black Elk supply an intimate examine existence at the Pine Ridge Reservation and clean views at the spiritual, financial, and political possibilities and demanding situations dealing with the Lakota buyers. as well as revealing extra approximately Black Elk the healer, the family members additionally offers glimpses of Black Elk as a kinfolk guy, instructor, and influential ancestor.

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It was a good winter day when all this happened. The sun was shining. But after the soldiers marched away from their dirty work, a heavy snow began to fall. The wind came up in the night. There was a big blizzard, and it grew very cold. The snow drifted deep in the crooked gulch, and it was one long grave of butchered women and children and babies, who had never done any harm and were only trying to run away. . [–] And so it was all over. I did not know then how much was ended. When I look back now from this high hill of my old age, I can still see the butchered women and children lying heaped and scattered all along the crooked gulch as plain as when I saw them with eyes still young.

I am Black Elk. This is the home of my people, the Lakotas, with the sky our father and the earth our mother; we have come a long, long way, and we have lived through the centuries, guided by the Great Spirit. Our history    has been written on the four winds, only to be captured by our wise men, which is handed down generation to generation, our own kin files, so that’s the way we lived at one time. Today, we put it in books, but I’m sure you like to hear from somebody that lived it.

My pa would butcher, and she would hang the hoofs on the side of the house until they were nice and dry. Then she took it and put it in boiling water, and boiled it and boiled it, and then she slid the hoof off. E: And then they mixed it, cooked it with hominy. They strained the hominy out of the ashes and they kept changing the water, rinsing it until it was big and white. H: Did they season the food with anything? E: I don’t think they seasoned the food with anything; they just ate it plain.

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