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However, Jakobson finds that it is now vulnerable. The semantic equivalence brought about by phonic equivalence in the poetic text brings with it an ambiguity that affects all the functions of communication. The addresser is split (the I of the lyrical hero, or of the fictitious narrator), and so too the addressee (the you as supposed addressee of dramatic monologues, supplications and epistles). Thus, poetic ambiguity need not necessarily imply the suppression of the referential function: The supremacy of poetic function over referential function does not obliterate the reference but makes it ambiguous.

Any one of these factors may be animated, or rendered 24 Michel Tournier prominent in discourse by any one of six corresponding functions: the emotive, the conative, the metalingual or metalinguistic, the phatic, the referential, and the poetic functions respectively. In literary discourse, or verbal art as Jakobson prefers to call it, the poetic function focuses on the message for its own sake. 50 This is, in essence, a restatement of the classic formalist/structuralist position. However, Jakobson finds that it is now vulnerable.

Visitors to Beaufort will therefore delight in finding not only a number of homogeneous collections, but also an heterogeneous display where each article derives its function not from its intrinsic properties but from its place in the overall scheme. ’59 The reference to Saussure in the first instance, and then to Jakobson’s theory that the process by which language becomes meaningful discourse is governed by the laws of metaphor and metonymy, is unmistakable. However, in Les lieux-dits words have a life of their own.

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