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By Göran Grimvall

Does a tumbler of ice water crammed to the brim overflow while the ice melts? Does the power inside of a sauna elevate should you warmth it up? what is the most sensible technique to cool your espresso -- including the creamer first or final?

These and different hard puzzlers supply a clean -- and enjoyable -- method of studying actual physics. offering either vintage and new difficulties, Brainteaser Physics demanding situations readers to take advantage of mind's eye and simple physics rules to discover the solutions. Göran Grimvall offers designated and obtainable causes of the ideas, occasionally correcting the normal reasons, occasionally placing a brand new twist on them. He presents diagrams and equations the place applicable and ends every one challenge through discussing a particular proposal or supplying an additional challenge.

With Brainteaser Physics, scholars and veteran physicists alike can sharpen their serious and artistic considering -- and feature enjoyable whilst.

(June 12, 2007)

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Where should a fourth identical resistor be added, so that the bright lamp becomes dark? 4 Low Pressure The recorded distance will be longer if the tire pressure is low. The simple argument for this answer is that the effective radius of the front wheel (the distance from wheel axle to the point of contact with the road) is smaller if the tire pressure is low, so that the no math required 41 tire is more compressed. The wheel must make more turns for a given distance. This is also the correct description.

Such data are used in bathymetry to map out the topography of the seabed. 9 Mariotte’s Bottle The “constant flow rate” is larger if the tube T is raised somewhat. The key to the solution is the fact that the pressure in a liquid is determined by the depth below a free surface where the liquid and the atmosphere are in direct contact. The upper part of the water column inside the tube T is in direct contact with the atmosphere, which gives a constant pressure there. When water flows out from the opening O, the pressure of the air trapped in the upper part of the bottle decreases because it is confined to a volume that becomes larger.

In our case that factor is π for the tunnel problem and 2π for the satellite orbit problem. But even the answer 800 s ≈ 13 min is of the right order of magnitude for both these problems. Such an “educated guess” can give a valuable check on a calculation. 67 × 10−11 N m2 /kg2) by mistake has been given a wrong power of ten, the error might be detected in a comparison with the characteristic time (R/g )1/2, which is obtained in a simple dimensional analysis. ten hits 27 In the discussion in the previous paragraph we applied dimensional analysis based on the quantities R and g.

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