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By Laura Lippman

Inner most investigator Tess Monaghan doesn't understand rather what to make of her new customer, Mark Rubin-a filthy rich Orthodox Jew who refuses to shake her hand and doles out extremely important details in grudging dribs and drabs. The profitable Baltimore furrier claims he and his appealing spouse had a ideal, satisfied marriage. but someday, without notice, Natalie accrued up their kids and vanished-and the police can't do whatever simply because the entire facts exhibits she left willingly.

But the deeper Tess digs, the extra she suspects that the rationale at the back of Natalie's reckless flight lies someplace within the hole among what Rubin won't say and what he refuses to think. An difficult internet of betrayal and vengeance is already starting to get to the bottom of, as reminiscence begets rage, and rage begets desperation . . . and homicide. And unexpectedly the lives of 3 blameless young children are dangling via the slenderest of threads.

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