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So far, none have been able to help, but he has gained numerous contacts in the psionic underworld, and has a mentor of sorts who occasionally scribes psionic tattoos for him. Delos dislikes cities, but haunts them anyway, always in search of someone who can explain his abilities, and possibly offer a cure. Appearance: Delos is a thin man, appearing over thirty even though he is in his twenties, who nearly always wears a pained expression when in populated areas, due to his sensitivity to evil.

You may rogues 4 levels higher than your masquerade ball the paladin is heal up to this amount all at once, or character level ignore this ability. attending has mostly evil spread it out over the day. Improved Combat Prescience guests. This works best in civilized settings where You can use this ability to attack (Sp): Whenever you manifest combat paladins cannot just go around undead foes. Whenever succeeding prescience, your insight bonus to slaying everyone who shows with a melee touch attack against an attack rolls is +4 instead of +2.

She knows she cannot confront them directly, at least not yet, and is content to merely thwart their plans on the prime material plane. Being a paladin is a source of great pride to Katrina; it gives her the purpose in life she missed after her children were killed. She does not think of herself as a “sword saint”, but simply as a paladin who disdains spellcasting. Using Katrina: Katrina is likely to be encountered away from her homeland on a quest to find allies against the diabolic invaders who are spreading disease to the children of her islands.

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