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By Qinwen Fan, Kofi A. A. Makinwa, Johan H. Huijsing

This e-book describes the idea that and layout of the capacitively-coupled chopper process, that are utilized in precision analog amplifiers. Readers will discover ways to layout power-efficient amplifiers using this method, which are powered via usual low offer voltage reminiscent of 2V and doubtless having a +/-100V enter common-mode voltage enter. The authors offer either uncomplicated layout options and specified layout examples, which hide the world of either operational and instrumentation amplifiers for a number of purposes, relatively in energy administration and biomedical circuit designs.

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3 5 Capacitively-Coupled Chopper Operational Amplifiers Switched-Capacitor Ripple-Reduction Loop (SC RRL) In a chopper amplifier, the up-modulated offset and 1/f noise cause ripple. To suppress this, a ripple-reduction loop (RRL) can be employed. The working principle of a RRL has already been introduced in Chap. 2 (Fig. 9). However, the RRL presented in Chap. 2 is not very practical because the offset of the RRL integrator Gm3 will, via Cs1,2, give rise to large residual ripple. To eliminate this offset, the integrator can be auto-zeroed.

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