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The vigorous use of biomass promises options for the growing to be around the globe call for for power and gas. This publication includes the contributions for the ultimate workshop of the "Biociclo" learn trade among the Universidad de Concepci?n and the Universit?t Karlsruhe. It displays interdisciplinarity of the workshop's members with contributed papers approximately Biomass usage Paths in Chile, Pyrolysis and Life-Cycle review of Biomass and Logistic recommendations of Biomass usage ideas.

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Cl). 2000 20 0 1999 Thousand Mt per year 70 Figure 12. CIF price of coal in Chile the last ten years. cl). As figure 11 shows, the coal consumption for electricity production has been stable, although the price has been steadily increasing during the last years, and consequently the cost of electricity production. Under these conditions, biomass can compete with coal electricity production only for large size plant, otherwise Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) have to be considered in order to make this kind of project financially attractive.

Seiffert, M. Kaltschmitt, F. Müller-Langer Biomethane potential and natural gas consumption in PJ 500 Natural gas consumption Biomethane potential energy crops Biomethane potential agricultural residues 400 Biomethane potential industrial residues Biomethane potential forest residues 300 200 100 0 2005 2015 "Stable Biomethane Supply" 2015 "Increased Biomethane Supply" 2005 2015 FIGURE 3: The biomethane potential and natural gas consumption in Chile For a sustainable strategy of energy provision for Chile it is important to use options in the field of energy saving.

The livestock farming has in Chile a major importance and contributes therewith considerable to the biomass potential [23, 24]. The actual overall annual biomass potential in Chile sums up to about 869 PJ (FIGURE 2). It can be used partly for the production of Bio-SNG as well as for Biogas. Manure Energy crops Straw Industrial residues Forest residues Overall potential in Chile: 869 PJ FIGURE 2: The overall biomass potential in Chile BIOMETHANE POTENTIAL The calculation of the resulting biomethane potential is based on the technical biomass potential with respect to the conversion efficiencies of the different technologies described above.

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