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By Pamela Walker, Elaine Wood

The high-interest experiments in 'Genetics Experiments' will have interaction scholars and let them to take part in technology in a hands-on and enjoyable manner. issues explored comprise genetic surveys, inheritance of sickle phone anemia, genetic engineering, kinfolk pedigree and plant genetics.

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If you are using a hot plate instead of a Bunsen burner, turn it on. 3. Heat the water in the flask until it boils and begins to evaporate. 5 centimeters [cm]) of water remains in the bottom of the flask. When you are finished boiling water, turn off the heat source. 4. After the condenser stops dripping, remove the beaker from below the apparatus. Set aside the beaker of water for procedure step 5. thermometer condenser clamp water output clamp florence flask wire gauze water input Bunsen burner beaker iron ring Figure 2 2 DistillationFigure equipment setup B.

The opposite charges between elements cause an attraction that creates an ionic bond. In this activity, you will build Lewis dot structures and demonstrate the different types of bonding using colored candies as electrons. Time Required 30 minutes Materials 2 plastic cup containing about 30 M&MsTM (or other small colorful candies) 2 2 2 periodic table of elements (see page 175) 3 x 5 index cards (about 40) science notebook Safety Note please review and follow the safety guidelines at the beginning of this volume.

Available online. htm. Accessed July 17, 2010. ” “Soap and Detergents,” April 2008. Available online. URL: http://www. org/entry/soap. Accessed July 17, 2010. This Web page outlines the history of soapmaking from ancient Babylon and Rome and explains the chemistry of soap. © 2011 Facts on File. All Rights Reserved. 6. Ozone Depletion Topic Student-designed models can be used to demonstrate the mechanism of ozone depletion. Introduction The Sun is the source of all energy for our planet. However, the ultraviolet (UV) radiation produced by the Sun is very powerful and can cause a great deal of damage.

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