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Bestselling writer Victor Suvorov probes newly published Soviet records and reevaluates latest fabric to research Stalin's strategic layout to overcome Europe and the explanations at the back of his arguable help for Nazi Germany. A former Soviet military intelligence officer, the writer explains that Stalin's approach best as much as global warfare II grew from Vladimir Lenin's trust that if global struggle i didn't ignite the global Communist revolution, then a moment global battle will be had to in achieving it. Stalin observed Nazi Germany because the energy that will struggle and weaken capitalist international locations in order that Soviet armies may then sweep throughout Europe. Suvorov unearths how Stalin conspired with German leaders to circumvent the Versailles Treaty, which forbade German rearmament, and secretly proficient German engineers and officials and supplied bases and factories for conflict. He additionally calls consciousness to the 1939 nonaggression pact among the Soviet Union and Germany that allowed Hitler to continue together with his plans to invade Poland, fomenting battle in Europe.

Suvorov debunks the speculation that Stalin was once duped through Hitler and that the Soviet Union used to be a sufferer of Nazi aggression. in its place, he makes the case that Stalin neither feared Hitler nor mistakenly relied on him. Suvorov continues that once Germany occupied Poland, defeated France, and began to organize for an invasion of significant Britain, Hitler's intelligence providers detected the Soviet Union's arrangements for a massive battle opposed to Germany. This detection, he argues, ended in Germany's preemptive warfare plan and the release of an invasion of the USSR. Stalin emerges from the pages of this booklet as a diabolical genius ate up by way of visions of a world Communist revolution at any cost--a chief who wooed Hitler and Germany in his personal attempt to beat the realm. In contradicting conventional theories approximately Soviet making plans, the publication is sure to impress debate between historians through the global.

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The guilty (and the innocent) were imprisoned; the terms were quite lavish. Those who were named “malevolent saboteurs” were shot. The terror had a dual effect. On the one hand, discipline improved, and any opposition was crushed. Now there was no need to fear strikes and demands for higher wages. On the 23 24 y The Chief Culprit other hand, millions of people ended up in the concentration camps. This was a slave workforce. Inmates do not have to be paid at all. They can be sent anywhere. They do not need housing—a torn tent, wooden barrack that they build for themselves, or a hole in the ground that they will dig will suffice.

In 1926, near the Soviet city of Kazan, a tank school for the Reichswehr was created. German tankers wore Soviet uniforms there. Stalin fully equipped future German Panzer generals: he gave them tanks, fuel, ammunition, transport, housing, repair facilities, and a gigantic well-guarded weapons range—to create, to invent, to test. Kazan became the birthplace and alma mater of German armored divisions. The best Panzer generals of the Wehrmacht Heer (the German army) were bred and trained there. In Kazan they mastered the art of modern warfare; later, they led tank units to Warsaw, Paris, Belgrade, and Athens, to the shores of the English Channel, the Adriatic Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Stalin understood that if Hitler tried to free Germany from France’s economic slavery and from the Versailles Treaty, Britain would immediately interfere, because France imposed 22 y The Chief Culprit the treaty in alliance with Britain. If Germany entered into war with Britain and France, other countries would be pulled into the conflict as well. This was just what Stalin needed. It did not at all follow from Mein Kampf that Hitler would advance to the east. In Mein Kampf there is a mention of lands in the east, but no indication of when Germany needs to conquer those lands.

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