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By Wilfred G. E. Watson

Regardless of arguable concerns, akin to metre, we now recognize sufficient approximately classical Hebrew poetry on the way to know the way it used to be composed. This large-scale handbook, wealthy intimately, exegesis and bibliography, presents directions for the research and appreciation of Hebrew verse. subject matters contain oral poetry, metre, parallelism and different types of the strophe and stanza. Sound styles and imagery also are mentioned. A long bankruptcy units out a complete diversity of alternative poetic units and the booklet closes with a suite of labored examples of Hebrew poetry. all through, different old Semitic verse has been used for comparability and the rules of contemporary literary feedback were utilized.

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Lambert, BWL. G. 'The Fifth Tablet of the Era Epic', Iraq 24 (1962) 119-125. Lambert—Millard, Atr. (for an extensive bibliography cf. Oden, ZAW 93 [1981] 197-216, esp. 197 n. 4). V. 'The fifth tablet of Enuma elis', JNES 20 (1961) 154ff. Other editions are scattered in various specialist journals; a good selection is to hand in JNES 33 (1974). (c) Studies of Akkadian poetry Groneberg, B. Untersuchungen zum hymnisch-epischen Dialekt der altbabylonischen literarischen Texte (dissertation, Munster, 1971) esp.

I 29a b Who gets the groans? Who gets the moans? c d Who gets (into) quarrels? Who gets (into) trouble? e f Who gets bruises for no reason? Who gets shadowy eyes? 23. For the distinction between '('analyse structurale' (of deep structures) and Tanalyse structurelle' (of surface structure) cf. Vogels, Bib 60 (1979) 411. If anything, my approach belongs to the second category. 22 Classical II Hebrew Poetry 30a b People who stay up late over wine, People on the lookout for mixed drink. 31a b c d Don't look at wine if it looks like blood, if it sparkles in the goblet, (if) it sloshes up and down with bubbles.

Ps 99,1) TRICOLON A set of three cola forming a single whole, or strophe, as 1133 Dint DDI" d m s ? Dm-I? DPWXNXl 1 1 Their line is stable, their fathers are with them, and their offspring are in front of their eyes. (Job 21,8 ) 5 Also called a 'triplet' or 'tercet', but rarely. TETRACOLON, PENTACOLON, etc. g. Jer 2,13), offive cola: pentastich or even quintet; ofsix cola: hexacola and so on. STROPHE A strophe is a verse-unit of one or more cola, considered as part of the higher unit termed the stanza.

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