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By Lisa Trumbauer

Explains how one can use a private laptop to accomplish actions that discover math, analyzing, geography, and technological know-how.

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Just fo\\ow the directions on the computer to unlock the section to change the dates. This weird sentence actually has a purpose. It helps you remember the order of the planets. Each word in the sentence begins with the same letter as a planet. For instance, Entertaining has an E for Earth, Make a mobile of the galaxy with all the planets in the right order, You can hang it above your bed and pretend you're sleeping deep in outer space! - L Mercury Pluto If you want to erase a planet and start over, click h e Dotted-Line 1 Box tool.

I ~ - new moon first 7 quarter L I aeon the moon will look like a halr-circle, and this 2 I first quarter. (Why quarter? Reme more than half the moon’s surfa Make another black circle. Click the Pencil tool and choose a yellow color in the Paint Box. Draw a line down the center of the moon. Click o Can and fill the right half with yello 7‘ Every night we see more and more of the moon, until the night of the full moon. This is when the sun is directly in front of the moon, and Earth i between the sun and the moon.

L-3 Experiment with the tools to dra llipse tool can make the gia rn's rings.

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