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By Louis Neil Irwin, Dirk Schulze-Makuch

This booklet is devoted to the folks of the previous Soviet Union, who opened the gap age on four October 1957, to the folks of the U.S. who first despatched people to a different international on 20 July 1969, to the hundreds of thousands of scientists and engineers of all international locations whose hearts were damaged via the numerous failed missions that unavoidably happened which will the astonishing successes of Luna, Venera, a variety of Mars orbiters and rovers, Pioneer, Mariner, Viking, Magellan, and Hubble and particularly to the visionary govt leaders, students, and technicians who funded, outfitted, and despatched forth the Voyager, Galileo, and Cassini-Huygens spacecraft to provide us the excellent perspectives we now have of the opposite worlds in our cosmic local that could good carry our nearest neighboring kinds of alien existence.

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Unlike the reaction inside the car's engine, though, which is fairly straightforward and explosive, or the fury of a hurricane or forest fire, which is an uncontrolled degradation of huge amounts of potential energy, the reactions inside a living cell involve many sequential steps and intermediate chemical compounds, resulting in the very gradual and controlled release of energy. Collectively, we refer to the complicated interplay of all of these chemical reactions as metabolism. The metabolic transformation of energy, unlike that in the non-living examples above, is highly compartmentalized, localized, and miniaturized.

Crystals and volcanoes grow. Automobiles ingest gasoline and excrete water and carbon dioxide. Forest fires and hurricanes transform energy into action that appears to be autonomous and self-perpetuating until their life spans are exhausted. Clouds can multiply and our publisher has made a number of exact copies of this book. Yet no one will argue that clouds, crystals, cars, or the office copy machine are alive. We might be tempted to define life the way Potter Stewart, a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, described pornography in 1964, by simply stating that " .

It also appears to have been stable for a long period, giving life ample time in which to evolve and diversify into a great variety of complex macro organisms as well as a prolific biomass of microorganisms. This combination of conditions enabling complex, multicellular forms of life to evolve has been popularized as the Rare Earth Hypothesis of Peter Ward and Donald Brownlee, which they summarize as the " . . " While life on Earth clearly confirms that conditions suitable for complex macro organisms are more specific and narrow than the wide variety of environments to which microorganisms can adapt, it isn't clear that Earth-like conditions are the only ones in which complex life can flourish.

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