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By David Eddings

Dont leave out CRYSTAL GORGEthe ultimate booklet within the manhattan occasions bestselling epic delusion sequence, The Dreamers. Aracia, sister of the goddess Zelana (The Elder Gods), and Veltan (The valuable One) have overlooked the prophecy of The Dreamers. Now, their lack of know-how could lead to the destruction of Dhrall.

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Well, gentlemen, Dahlaine said then, I guess that pretty much takes care of everything up here. I suppose we might as well pack up and go on back down the hill. There was a certain amount of celebration when they returned to the house of Veltan. They had won yet another war against the bug-people, but it seemed to Ekial that the celebrators all tended to gloss over the fact that unknown friend had stepped around them and won the war all by herself. There were some extended discussions about which part of the Land of Dhrall would be attacked by the bug-people next, but Ekial found the bickering between Dahlaine and his sister rather tiresome and more than a little silly - an opinion he was almost positive was shared by Zelana and Veltan.

It sort of depends on the weather. Were getting fairly close to autumn, and the weather can turn sour without much warning. Anyway, weve both been through these wars a couple of times, so we know how to hold the bug-people back when its necessary, and we can count on some help from our employers. Once we know for sure which part of the Land of Dhrall the bug-people will hit next, we should be able to join forces before things get out of hand. Probably so, yes, Commander Narasan agreed. Hows your supply of that bug-venom holding out?

But lets be sort of careful. I dont really know how to swim, so Id rather that you didnt tip your little boat over. I wouldnt dream of it, friend Ekial, Gunda replied with a broad grin. 4 T here was a steel-grey quality about the early morning light when Gunda led Veltan and Ekial out of Veltans house the next day, and Ekial felt that everything was flat for some reason. Then he realized that it was the lack of shadows that flattened things. Shadows dont serve any purpose, but they do add a certain depth to the scenery.

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